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The Transflux contrast delivery system has been developed for delivering contrast media from a reservoir to the patient and with the need to only change the tubing in closest proximity to the patient. i.e. the CT patient line. The Transflux™ system incorporating a safety zone and a one-way valve in the patient line permits the delivery system and the vein to be flushed, the blood reflux to be controlled and the subsequent injection of contrast media.

The purpose of the system is to avoid the need to change power syringes for each patient procedure by eliminating the risk of contamination of the syringes. The benefit is a considerable reduction in cost and time without the risk of contamination and with the advantage of the management of blood reflux. When using a power injector and a filling and injecting set, it is only necessary to change the Transflux part of the contrast delivery system with each patient procedure.

The benefit is a considerable reduction in cost, time and waste.


Transset™ Duo Syringe - PR-20198

 At one end the Transset filling-and injection set is attached to the syringes of a power injector and to reservoirs of saline and contrast media. At the other end it is attached to a Transflux™ patient-line with one-way valves and safety zones.

The combination of one-way valves allows filling the syringes and automatically draining the contrast and saline to the Transflux™ patient-line.

This Transflux™ patient-line protects the Transset Filling & Injection set against contamination and consequently the Transset can be reused if the guidelines and instructions for use as described are followed.

These filling and injecting sets are suitable for reuse over a period of twelve consecutive hours.

duotransset spiral

Transset™ Duo Syringe in spiral - PR-30510


Click here to download the IFU for detailed safety instructions


Transflux™ CT system is patented in certain jurisdictions based upon PCT/ EP2006/062554, PCT/ EP2009/066383 and PCT / EP2011/062179


Article #DiscriptionPackaging
PR-20 197 Transset™ Mono Filling & Injecting Set  2x50 pcs
PR-20 198 Transset™ Duo Filling & Injecting Set  2x25 pcs
PR-30 510 Transset™ Duo Syringe in Spiral  2x25 pcs
PR-20 194 Transset™ Duo MRI Filling & Injecting Set  2x25 pcs
PR-30 511 Transset™ Duo Syringe - MRI in Spiral  2x25 pcs
PR-HP-22 501 Transset™ High Pressure Filling & Injecting Set  2x25 pcs

Transflux™ CT

trans ct

Transflux™ · CT patient line

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Transflux™ GHB

trans ghb

Transflux™ · CT patient line developed for UZ Leuven, Gasthuisberg, Belgium

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Transflux™ MRI

trans mri

Transflux™ · for MRI procedures

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