Transflux™ HP · Cardiac interventional



The Transflux variant for interventional procedures: same principle and features as the Transflux CT standard but adapted to high pressure. The one-way valves and tubing can stand up to 1200 psi (81 bar). This high standard tubing is made of armed Polyurethane (PUR) and is very flexible, non- kinking and has a rotating Luer connection.

Transflux™ CT system is patented in certain jurisdictions based upon PCT/ EP2006/062554, PCT/ EP2009/066383 and PCT / EP2011/062179


Article #DiscriptionPackaging
PR-HP-120  Transflux™ Cardiac HP 120cm  tba
PR-HP-180  Transflux™ Cardiac HP 180cm  tba
PR-HP-220  Transflux™ Cardiac HP 220cm  tba
PR-HP-22501  Transset™ Cardiac HP Filling & Injecting Set  tba

Transflux™ CT

trans ct

Transflux™ · CT patient line

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Transflux™ GHB

trans ghb

Transflux™ · CT patient line developed for UZ Leuven, Gasthuisberg, Belgium

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Transflux™ MRI

trans mri

Transflux™ · for MRI procedures

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