Other Products

Colon tips


PR 00063 copy min standard tipfoto PR 00061


-all ranges of tips, from standard to balloon, to air insufflation 

Available models:

PR-09522 Junior
PR-00061 Flexible 19mm olive
PR-00063 Flexible 19mm olive + air balloon +air insufflation
PR-00080 Flexible 23mm balloon

Air puffer


foto witte peer 


-air insufflation puffer

Available models:

PR-00130 Air Puffer

One shot puffer


foto oneshot 


-to inflate silicone balloon on PR-00 061 and PR-00 063


Available models:

PR-68831 One shot puffer

Enema bag


enema bag web 


-bag with tube and clamp

Available models:

PR-21407 Enema bag

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