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The safety of our products is proven by a safety study of the Catholic University of Leuven, BE

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Economic · Ecologic


By using the Transflux™ system you save money, time and reduce medical disposables.




The Transflux™ system is very easy to set up, user-friendly and well-understood by the medical staff.

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Transflux™ & Transset™ infusion system

Cross-contamination safety

Safety proven by studies, published in Investigative Radiology, Volume 47, nr 4 & World Journal of Methodology, Volume 3, Issue 4

Two seperate valves · Two safety zones

The disconnect feature provides permanent control over the position of the needle in the vein, allows checking the blood reflux and offers permanent access to the vein.

By using the disconnect feature

Possibility to check position of the needle, avoid extravasations & subcutaneous injections & Protects reusable filling set between patients, maintaining sterility

Clear valves & connectors

Does not affect the reading of the rx-images

Transflux™ The Standard in Contrast Administration.

The combination of Transflux™ & Transset™ allows the administration of contrast media via a power injector without changing the syringes on a “per-patient-basis”.

The disconnect feature protects the reusable filling set between patients, maintaining sterility. Read More...

Client Testimonials

  • The main reasons why we are using this device are related to - cost savings, ease of use, reduction of waste and preserved patient safety. 

    Prof. Dr. G. Marechal
    Head of Radiology Department, UZ Leuven
  • We are using the Transflux™ for more than six years, for all our CT and MR scans. Without any complication or andy malfunctioning of the system whatsoever.

    Prof. Dr. Y. Palmers
    Head of Radiology Department, ZOL Genk
  • We have been using the Translfux™ System at the matter for about a year now. Its use offers many advantages over traditional pressure injector use. There is less waste of consumables which equates to cost savings.

    Bede Yates
    Chief Radiographer, Queensland Xray, Australia.

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